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Online Retail Store and Trade platform for everyone!

Provides the Opportunities for Customers to:

  • enjoy UNIVERSAM® online store and a simple buying process
  • search, browse, review products for the specific subject areas
  • choose quality of service vs. price of item that best suits your needs
  • make a clever choice by using the Comparison feature
  • compare selected items and see the difference immediately
  • be informed about the order preparation, dispatch
  • evaluate the service provided by the seller, browse seller ratings and comments provided by others
  • review and rate items sold via UNIVERSAM® online store
  • find and print order receipts
  • complete the WishList and receive wanted gifts from others
  • find the WishLists and provide true gifts to others
  • be informed about new releases and sales
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Provides the Opportunities for Sellers to:

  • Forget about system development and support expenses
  • Receive a complete and ready to go system to create and manage Internet sales
  • Get access and start selling now!
  • Follow completely predefined sales process.
    Follow the sales process simply confirming order steps
  • Enjoy a friendly and intuitive user interface
    Place your items, images and product descriptions and update stocks and prices, if required
  • Receive an Unlimited sales space
  • Receive access to millions of customers in Baltic’s and all around the world
  • Know what customers think about you and how they rate service provided by you
  • Know what customers think about products you sell and how they rate them
  • Receive an access to the Item Description Catalogue. Together we can achieve more!
  • Receive excellent service
  • and many other advantages
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