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The following text describes Trademarks of Web Service Solutions SIA (WSS). The Trademark Status column shows the status of the trademark in Latvia. ® indicates a registered trademark, ™ indicates a trademark. The marks, listed as registered ®, may also be registered in other countries. The status may change and thus this information will be updated time to time. The absence of a trademark from the list below does not constitute a waiver of any rights WSS may have in any of its trademarks, product names, service names, logos, etc. WSS reserves the right to object and to apply required actions to any unauthorized, unfair, improper and/or infringing use of its trademarks, logos, product names, service names, whether or not expressly included in the list below.

Mark Status Description
UNIVERSAM ® Online retail store
Online retail sales platform
Trade name of WSS
UNIVERSAM Payments Payment system

Guidelines for Use of Trademarks

These general rules address the permissible use of WSS’s Trademarks in text by third parties. The trademarks, to which these rules apply, are the word marks listed on the WSS Trademark List. Without express written authorization by WSS, any use of WSS Trademarks in a manner that is inconsistent with these guidelines, including the use of trademarks, trade names or domain names that are confusingly similar to WSS Trademarks, is prohibited.

Permissible Uses of Trademarks

You may use WSS Trademarks to make factually accurate statements in reference to products or services of WSS, provided you to do so in accordance with these guidelines.

All lists and examples shown below are merely for your guidance, and should not be considered to be an all-inclusive list.

Form of Use

  1. You should always use the WSS Trademark as a noun and not as an adjective or verb. The trademark should be followed by the appropriate generic term for the product or service.

    • UNIVERSAM® trade platform
    • UNIVERSAM® online retails store
    • Items sold via UNIVERSAM® online retail store
    • Sold by UNIVERSAM®
    • I use UNIVERSAM® online retail store services
    • I am selling items on UNIVERSAM® trade platform
    • UNIVERSAM® Payments™ certified payment system
    • The list of Opportunities of UNIVERSAM® Payments™ payment system

  2. Always use the WSS Trademarks in the exact same form and spacing as shown in the WSS Trademark List. Do not alter WSS Trademarks in any way including spacing.

    Acceptable Unacceptable
    UNIVERSAM® Universam
    U n i v e r s a m

  3. Do not use WSS Trademarks in a plural or possessive form.

    Acceptable Unacceptable
    from UNIVERSAM®
    about UNIVERSAM®


When using or referring to WSS Trademarks, the appropriate trademark symbol ® or ™ must be exhibited immediately adjacent to the trademark the first time it appears in the text. For example:

  • Items sold via UNIVERSAM® online retails store
  • UNIVERSAM® Payments™ payment system
You should always refer to the WSS Trademark List to determine the appropriate trademark symbol for use with a particular mark.

Notice of Ownership

When making a permissible use of a WSS Trademark in accordance with these guidelines, you should always include a prominent acknowledgement that WSS owns these trademarks. For example:

The Trademark [WSS Trademark used] is owned by Web Service Solutions and is registered in Latvia and may be pending or registered in other countries.

Prohibited Uses of WSS Trademarks

  1. You are not permitted to use any WSS Trademark, in whole or in part, or any alteration of any WSS Trademark, in the name of your products or services, in your company name or in your domain names or URL. This includes all variations, abbreviations, modifications, or any other names that are confusingly similar to the WSS Trademarks.

    Acceptable Unacceptable
    www.yoursite.com/universam/ www.universamservices.com www.universamreturns.com www.sellonuniversam.com www.universampaymentsforyou.com

  2. Meta tags
    You are not permitted to use WSS Trademarks as a meta tags of your webpages.
    title WSS Trademark.../title
    meta name="description" content="WSS Trademark..."
    meta name="keywords" content="WSS Trademark..."
    meta name="author" content="WSS Trademark..."

  3. Disparaging
    You are not permitted to use the WSS Trademarks in any manner that disparages WSS, its sponsors, affiliates, partners, products or services.

  4. Variations, Abbreviations, Modifications
    You are not permitted to use variations, abbreviations or modifications of a WSS Trademark.

  5. Positioning of trademarks
    WSS Trademarks should not be the most prominent visual element used in association with your product or service.

  6. Harmful use
    Your use of WSS Trademarks must not be obscene, disparaging, defamatory or libelous to WSS or any other individual.

  7. Comparison
    WSS Trademarks should not be target to comparison regarding other companies, their product or services that may be similar with WSS products or services.

  8. Advertisements
    Do not use WSS Trademarks for targeting, comparison in any form of your advertisements, including video and the Internet ads.

Guidelines for Use of WSS Logos & Images

The Use of the WSS Logos and Other WSS Images

WSS trademarks include a number of logos. Use of the Logos is reserved to WSS. You may not use the WSS logos, without the express written permission of WSS.

Description Mark
Logo and company's motto
Logo, mirrored logo and company's motto
Payment system logo
Payment system logo and mirrored logo

WSS reserves the right to object and to apply required actions to any unauthorized, unfair, improper and/or infringing use of its trademarks, logos, product names, service names, whether or not expressly included in the list above.

In addition to the prohibitions in Guidelines for Use of WSS Trademarks we pay your attention to the following:

  1. The use of the WSS trade dress is not permitted.
    It is not allowed to imitate the distinctive overall appearance (trade dress) of WSS and / or its packaging, logos, Internet portal website designs, etc.

  2. The use of the copyrighted material without the WSS written permission is prohibited. WSS does not authorize the public or commercial use of information protected by copyright laws. The use of such copyright protected materials, including information from the Site or from advertisements, brochures or other materials, other than as expressly permitted hereunder, is prohibited.

Should you have any questions about our Copyrights, Trademarks, please contact us.